Massage Therapy

Healing Powers of Massage Therapy

Manual therapy and massages have always been a good way to tidy up your body. Perhaps you have heard from your friends, acquaintances, and family about how they went to a specialist in the clinic for a course of massage therapy and healed after an injury. Such treatment is especially noticeable when a person has problems with blood circulation in the body. There is a tendency for thrombosis and accumulation of water in the body and cause damage to the musculoskeletal system.

In addition, the power of massage is often demonstrated in the example of pregnant women who doctors send to manual prenatal therapy. Among other things, it has already been proven that specific techniques relieve pain from chronic migraines, stress, increase productivity, and so on. Let’s take a look at the details of working with the body.

Types of healing massage therapy

There are many options and techniques with different origins and methods, but they all have the same goal – treatment. What are they:

 1) Massage that affects the deep tissues of the body.

This style differs from others because it better works out and tunes deep, internal processes in the human body. It is usually recommended for those who have several chronic diseases in their medical book, a whole list of injuries and illnesses, as well as problems with muscle contractions and cramps. During the session, the massage therapist will make slower movements with more intense pressure on the tissues. The disadvantage of this technique can be considered its duration. That is, you have to go to sessions regularly and linger on them for a long time.

 2) Swedish style

Most often, this type of relaxation is meant by massage since it is trendy. In the process, you will knead all the body cells, muscles, joints, knead the skin, and so on.

 3) For athletes

There are several options for using this technique, namely:

 • In the form of healing therapy massage.

In this case, they help sports fans, or professional athletes heal their injuries and not let them further spoil their well-being.

 • In the form of a warm-up.

Thus, many athletes and ordinary people give their muscles more elasticity and flexibility, which prevents injury.

 4) Thai technique

This massage is an exciting combination of stretching, yoga elements, and the massage itself. With this procedure, you do not have to take off your clothes and lie down on a unique table, but on the contrary, you will need a regular yoga mat from the equipment.

 5) Acupressure massage 

With this approach, therapeutic healing massage and deep massage helps to relieve chronic painful sensations, heaviness in the back in the thoracic, cervical, or lumbar spine, pain in tissues and muscles, pinched nerves, etc. But at the same time, the specialist will use the points of accumulation of the body’s nerve endings and press them in the correct order.

 6) Prenatal massage

It is a specific style of massage, and not all masters undertake it. However, if you find a good clinic and a specialist, you can instantly get rid of puffiness and pain in the abdomen, hips, legs, and back, often occurring in late pregnancy.

Massage can make you feel the following improvements:

 • Relief and elimination of body pain.

 • Giving the muscles flexibility.

 • Relief from stress.

 • Increased productivity in the form of improved well-being.

 • Better sleep and ease of waking up in the morning.

 • Less time is spent recovering from exercise, injury, illness, travel, hiking, and even partying.

 • Improvement of blood circulation and normalization of blood pressure.

 • Strengthening the back muscles and improving posture.