Skincare Routine

How to Build Your Skincare Routine Based on Your Skin Type

We are all concerned about questions about our appearance. One of the most challenging and essential components of human beauty is a skin treatment. This aspect strongly affects the first impression of a person, his self-esteem, and the opinion of others about him. Without acne, a clean face and body, traces of acne, wrinkles, and dryness are ideal guidelines for everyone. But how can you reach this high bar and rid yourself of all the worries?

According to dermatologists and leading cosmetologists, the best advice for getting the glow you want is to build a skincare routine and maintain beauty all the time. Firstly, let’s talk about your skin type.

What is your skin type?

This aspect should be the basis of care since, depending on your skin type, the approaches to the choice of hygiene and cosmetic products will differ.
So, how do you decide:
• you have dry skin if it is rough to the touch if it shuffles when touched.
• you have oily skin if you always have an unpleasant oily coating on your face in half a day if your pores are visible.
• you have sensitive skin, if you constantly notice a violent reaction of the body to various treatment preparations, if something starts to itch, ache, burn, etc.
• you have combination skin if it divides the face into specific zones, where there will be dry areas on one side, and on the other side – oily islands like the nose, forehead, and chin.
• you have normal skin, if you have a clean face, there are no sharp sensations and irritations from different products, if you have a balance.

What are the main daily steps to improve the quality of your skin?

There are three main rules:

1) Skin cleaning

Do not forget to prepare your skin with washing. This point is critical in that it relieves your body of the need to fight bacteria that settle on our face every day, with dust and dirt, excreted daily by subcutaneous fat, and so on. Be sure to remember to cleanse your face first when you wake up, start your morning routine, and then in the evening before going to bed to rest.

Tips for a skincare routine for normal skin:
• Buy a medium-strength skincare product.
• Gently apply the cleansing suspension to your face, do not apply pressure.
• Rinse with warm water.
• Wipe dry.

Tips for a skincare routine for dry, sensitive skin will not differ too much from each other. For dry skin:
• Buy a cleanser that is not alcohol-based, as this dries the skin even more.
• Wash yourself with warm, but not hot, water.
• Use an exfoliator once a week.

For sensitive skin:
• Use a mild product.
• Rinse with warm water.
• Blot your face with a towel.
• Products should be alcohol and soap-free in composition.
• Give priority to natural ingredients like chamomile and aloe.

For oily skin:
• Use foam for washing (without oil in the composition).
• Use a toner after washing (with alcohol in the composition) to remove oily shine.

2) Skin toning

Use toners for additional cleansing and softening of the skin after washing, applying other products, and using decorative cosmetics. This product will become a good ally in the fight against excess subcutaneous fat, clogged pores, insufficient cleansing. The only thing to consider is the ingredients that may or may not work for you, depending on your skin type. For sensitive and dry skin, using an alcohol-based toner will be a sentence, but for the oily subtype, it is recommended.

3) Moisturizing

The final rule to maintain your esthetician skincare routine is to use a moisturizer. Even for oily skin, you need to choose one, consider the type and choose an easy moisturizing option without oil. Apply a nourishing agent to your face immediately after washing and using toner, as long as the skin retains moisture.