Aqua Therapy

What Is Aqua Therapy Good For?

With the wide diversity of therapeutic approaches for healing medical conditions, aqua-assisted therapy remains one of the most widespread. This kind of therapy uses the water’s physical properties to promote healing in patients and improve exercise performance. Aquatic therapy typically contains a program of exercises that a person should perform in the water. Multiple physicians prescribe such an approach for patients who recover from injuries and illnesses and suffer from chronic pain. In this article, we’ll discover the benefits of aquatic therapy you need to know.

Aqua-assisted therapy at the glance

Aquatic therapy is a kind of physical therapy performed in a swimming pool or other aqua environment. The main feature that differentiates this therapy from aquatic fitness and exercise is the supervision of professional healthcare providers. Apart from that, this rehabilitation practice is commonly covered by insurance as aqua therapy is considered individual treatment. 

The primary medical goals of aqua-assisted therapy are related to flexibility improvement, concentration improvement, stress and muscle tension reduction, promotion relaxation, enhancement of aerobic capacity, and others. Patients can find aquatic therapy in local hospitals, rehabilitation centers, sports medicine clinics, senior living centers, etc.

Main benefits of aqua therapy

1. Has the potential to heal a range of medical conditions

One of the aqua therapy benefits is that it can be recommended for patients who experience a wide array of mental and physical diseases. The water therapy approach might be helpful for people who suffer from balance disorders, autism, depressive states, chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease, scoliosis, traumatic brain injury, joint replacement or reconstruction surgery recovery, orthopedic injury, arthritis, lower back pain, and more. Consult your doctor and determine whether this type of therapy will suit your current health condition.

2. The integral part of rehabilitation

If you still doubt what is aqua therapy good for, it has promising features that can be implemented into patient rehabilitation. Since the aqua nature is associated with viscosity and resistance, it can be used for better rehabilitation progressions and muscle strengthening. Additionally, warm water within therapy promotes relaxing properties that are great for aching muscles and joints.

3. Promotes cardiovascular features

Another promising property among warm water aqua therapy benefits is associated with improved heart conditions. The water causes hydrostatic pressure on the human body resulting in enhanced work of the lungs and heart. This can lead to a range of cardiovascular benefits for patients.

4. Produces significant pain reduction

Pain can significantly influence the human ability to make movements that prevent successful rehabilitation. Aqua-assisted therapies can solve this issue, allowing better motion and faster results. Besides, the water therapy approach might heal pain sensations thanks to the permanent stimulation to the tactile sensory neurons. Once the blood circulation is improved at the expense of water properties, it can also cause faster healing.